Dear traders,

Bit-Z has launched the Market Maker 2.0, you can learn more through our official website fees or the account center.

Apply for the first time to participate in the market maker plan, you can directly enjoy the level 3 for 15 days!


1. Market maker level

(1) Trading volume calculation: Daily trading volume of the day is consolidated. When the user makes a market in multiple trading pairs at the same time, the system will refund the fee according to the market maker level. For activities such as friend invitations, the system first returns the remaining transaction fee after recommending the rebate and then returns the market maker fee.

(2) Fee reduction mechanism: In order to avoid the case that due to the high transaction volume on the day we cannot give you the best fee refund, the transaction discount fee will be returned to your exchange account on the second day.

(3) Scope of market making: Mainstream currencies (ATOM、BCHABC、BCHSV、BNB、BTC、BTG、DASH、DOGE、ELA、EOS、ETC、ETH、GXC、HC、LTC、MCO、NEO、NULS、ONT、QTUM、TRX、TUSD、USDT、XLM、XRP、ZEC) corresponding trading pair.

(4) Maker: When you place an order at the specified price, you will not deal with other orders in the group immediately, but enter the group and wait for the other party to take the initiative to deal with your order.

(5) Taker: This behavior is called eating. When you place an order at a specified price, it will immediately deal with other orders in the group.


2. Market maker qualifications

Application Requirements:

  (1) Individuals/groups with certain market-making capabilities or needs;

  (2) Only when your exchange account has certain assets can you apply to be a market maker;

  (3) After signing in, apply for qualification in the account center. If approved, you will be certified for market making within 3 working days.


3. Level calculation rules

Set, n is the buying or selling price, m is the buying or selling quantity

Currency trading volume = (n1*m1*Day BTC exchange rate average 1) + (n2*m2*Day BTC exchange rate average 2) +······+ (ni*mi*Day BTC exchange rate average i)


4. About master account and sub-account

The market maker level of the master account is totaled by the day trading volume of all the master account and sub-accounts, and the sub-account inherits the market maker level of the master account.


5. Notice

(1) The transaction fee of the previous day will be returned to the corresponding exchange account every day.

(2) If involved in the master account or sub-accounts, all the fee will be returned to the corresponding master account.

(3) The market maker level will be adjusted according to market conditions.

(4) When your level is at Level 1 for 15 consecutive days, your market maker qualification will be lost.


6. Other

(1) If the account receives reports of suspected money laundering, transaction cheating, transaction loopholes, etc., Bit-Z has the right to terminate its market making rights;

(2) The right to interpret the rights and obligations of the market maker is owned by Bit-Z.


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Bit-Z Skype: live:bitz666_1

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Thank you for your support!

Bit-Z Team

Feb 28, 2019

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