Activity time:During the 2018 Russia World Cup (June 14 - July 15)

Qualification:All BitZ traders can participate, but only traders completed Level 3 Verification and hold more than or equal to 0.1 BTC will be qualified for the award.

Bonus:5,000,000 VTC

Distribution:According to the proportion of final points


1. Prepare for quizzes(Finals:Quiz Entrance

Each quiz will be released and synchronized to the following communities at least 1 day before the start of the quiz:

BitZ 中文频道(Telegram):

BitZ 中文频道(币用):

BitZ Radio(Telegram):

BitZ Radio(BIYong):

BitZ 中文社区(Telegram):

BitZ 中文社区(币用):

BitZ Community(Telegram):

BitZ Community(BIYong):

2. Participate quizzes

Guess correctly, win points. Select the party that you think will win. If your guess is the same as the result, you win.

Group matches 1'/matches; 1/8 finals 5'/matches; 1/4 finals 10'/matches; Semi-finals 10'/matches; 3/4 finals 10'/matches; Finals 10'/matches.

3. Reward distribution

For a complete viewing experience, event awards will be distributed together to “【Funds】-【Balances】-【Distribution History】” within 3 working days after the end of the World Cup.

4. BitZ retain the final interpretation and right for bad deal of the event.

2018 World Cup

The 2018 World Cup in Russia is the 21st World Cup. The competition will take place in 12 of the 11 cities in the Russian Federation from June 14th to July 15th, 2018. This is the first time that the World Cup has been held in Russia. It is also the first time that the World Cup has been held in Eastern Europe. At the same time, after the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the World Cup is once again held in Europe.

Thanks for your support!

BitZ team

June 11, 2018