About RRC (Recycling Regeneration)

RRNC project will build a blockchain-based decentralized computing network that collects and makes the most use of the unused computing power of personal computers and smart terminals. Establishing public chains(RRChain) and issuing RRCoin to collect idle computing power of global personal terminals (computers, mobile phones) by providing users with easy-to-use mining tools, which allow users to mine through browsers, clients, and etc. and get RRCoin easily.
By using RRCoin as leverage to create the consumption circulation environment, different scenes of consumption, such as video sites, news, e-commerce and etc. can be integrated into our economic system, thus facilitating people using RRCoin to consume.Once global distributed computing network is constructed by gathering residual computing power of personal terminals, those power can be used to perform commercial computing tasks, which brings new commerical value to RRNC economic system.


Currency supply:180,000,000 RRC

Market circulation:54,000,000 RRC (30%)

Official Website:http://rrchain.network/

White paper address:http://www.rrnc.io/assets/pdf/en/rrnc_whitepaper.pdf

Block explorer:https://github.com/RRNCIO/RRChain/RRExploer

Wallet download address:https://github.com/RRNCIO/RRChain/RRWallet




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