About APIS

The APIS is building a “Masternode Mediation Platform” to familiarize the term “masternode” to a larger range of people and let them enjoy the advantages and benefits of a masternode.

The APIS is a masternode mediation platform that enables the entire spectrum of users to have easy access to the two-tier incentivized network, also known as the “Masternode Network”.

Basic Information

Currency Supply: 9,520,000,000 APIS

Market Circulation: 5,236,000,000 APIS

Official Website: https://apisplatform.io

White Paper Address: https://apisplatform.io/whitepaper.en.pdf

Block Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/0x4c0fbe1bb46612915e7967d2c3213cd4d87257ad


https://t.me/TheApisplatform (Official channel)
https://t.me/TheApisplatformJapan (Japanese Channel)
https://t.me/Apisplatformkor (Korean Channel)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Apis11Official

Medium: https://medium.com/apisplatform

Find More

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BitZ Community: https://t.me/bitzEN