Dear traders, 

Bit-Z spends 20% of its quarterly revenue on buyback each quarter. And the repurchased BZ will be destructed. Bit-Z has destructed all the BZ repurchased in the second quarter of 2019 amounting to 3,690,000 BZ.

Burn txid:

BZ Circulation Information(up to July 26, 2019)

Total supply amount: 1,200,000,000 BZ

Current supply amount: 684,307,071 BZ

Total destruction amount: 515,692,929 BZ  

Total circulation amount: 158,182,071 BZ


Current Total amount= Total Issued amount- Total Destruction amount

Total circulation amount= total market amount - total repurchase destruction amount

Total destruction amount= total repurchase destruction amount + unreleased dividend fund destruction + the amount of the original early cofounder mutual fund that have been destroyed

Total repurchase destruction = the fourth quarter of 2018 (13,157,895 BZ) + the first quarter of 2019 (4,615,384 BZ) + the second quarter of 2019(3,690,000 BZ)

Total market = trading mining (146,000,000 BZ) + daily dividends (29,770,350 BZ of cumulated dividends up to May 31, 2019) + risk-control release (1,000,000 BZ)

+ early investors have unlocked (2,875,000 BZ)

Announcement On Partial Disposal And Unlocking of Bit-Z Token (BZ)

Bit-Z Token(BZ)Adjustment Notice:

BZ 2019 Q1 Token Burn Completed:

BZ 1st Quarter Token Burn Completed:

Bit-Z China(Telegram):

Bit-Z China(BiYong):

Bit-Z Community(Telegram):

Bit-Z official WeChat:Bit-ZExperience

Risk reminder: Cryptocurrency asset is a kind of innovative investment product with volatile prices. Bit-Z serves as a neutral trading platform, established only for providing convenience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts trading cryptocurrencies, and assumes no liability or guarantee of or compensation for the investment value of coins. Please make a rational estimation of your investment ability and make prudent investment decisions.

Thank you for your support!

Bit-Z Team

July 26, 2019

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